16/02/2017 14:40 GMT | Updated 24/02/2017 15:03 GMT

'The Jump' Former Contestant Steve Redgrave Reveals The Actual Course Is Tiny, But Terrifying

'The Jump itself is... not large.

Steve Redgrave has smashed one of the great remaining myths of the showbusiness world, namely that ‘The Jump’ of the so-called reality show is, in fact, well... pretty small.

Sir Steve, who was one of the contestants on the very first series, raised his hand to demonstrate to HuffPostUK at the Laureus World Sports Awards this week. 

Despite its diminutive dimensions, the Olympic veteran admitted the contest is, however, strangely frightening. 

Channel 4
Sir Steve says The Jump is bizarrely challenging, considering its tiny size

“It’s ridiculous, because it’s tiny. On a skiing holiday you’d jump over things that height all the time, but because you’re on TV and you’re sitting in that thing, once you stand up, you’re going and you’re not stopping -  it’s terrifying. So you all cling together for support. The camaraderie is amazing.”

Sir Steve also admitted that he’s desperate to return to the show, even though he became one of the famously huge number of injured contestants, when he injured his hand during Series One. 

“I love it, I’m waiting to be asked to come back,” he said. 

“Most people who get injured get re-invited back on. I was on the first series, and we’re on series 4 now… so I’m waiting for my phone call.”

Despite breaking his hand during his part in the notorious competition, Steve says ‘The Jump’ remains the only reality show he’d consider - “it’s the only real reality show. Everyone loves the experience, despite the injuries.”

What sets it apart, according to the Olympic veteran, is the camaraderie that develops between the contestants, precisely because of the difficulties. 

These difficulties have claimed the body parts of a stunning number of participants, with the latest casualty a perhaps over-confident Sir Bradley Wiggins this year. “He’s very competitive,” said Sir Steve diplomatically. 

‘The Jump’ continues on Sunday evening on 7.30pm on Channel 4. 

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