'The Missing's Julien Baptiste Faces Uncertain Future, Reveals Actor Tcheky Karyo

The actor is ready for another adventure for his character.

Viewers of ‘The Missing’ are clamouring for Julien Baptiste to have more adventures, but actor Tcheky Karyo tells HuffPostUK there are two possibilities for his character’s future.

This week’s gripping finale of the hit mystery drama saw Baptiste finally agree to the surgery he required to combat his life-threatening brain tumour – after he had completed his tireless mission of finding and rescuing the two girls, Alice Webster and Sophie Giroux, abducted by the unpredictable military officer Adam Gettrick.

We saw Baptiste follow doctors’ orders and take the anaesthetic for his surgery, but Tcheky reveals now viewers didn’t see all the footage they originally filmed, leading to the tantalising possibility of where the next story might head.

<strong>Julien Baptiste finally acceded to his wife's demands that he undergo the surgery</strong>
Julien Baptiste finally acceded to his wife's demands that he undergo the surgery

“When we were filming, Baptiste sits up suddenly and asks, ‘Where is my wife?’” remembers Tcheky now. “Maybe they will use that, maybe they won’t. (They didn’t.) If we do a Series 3, maybe it will start with that instead.”

Tcheky is as fond of the idea of bringing his character back for another mystery as his fans.

“I would love Julien to have another adventure,” he says. “The (Williams) brothers say never say never, there could be another skeleton in the closet. They took some of it out, maybe there is more.”

“He could be after a serial killer, he could be looking for the missing children in Argentina.” He chuckles. “The world is big.”

‘The Missing’ concluded this week, with viewers discovering the fate of the two girls, plus all the people who had grieved for their absence. It was a satisfying finale after a cracking Series 2 - we got the eight answers we were looking for...


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