'The Missing' Season 2 Episode 3: 11 Questions We Have For Next Instalment Of The BBC Drama

Is that even Alice Webster?

‘The Missing’ is only two episodes in, and already writers Harry and Jack Williams have created a world as absorbing, albeit confusing, as in the first thrilling series.

Episode 3 airs tonight (26 October), and there are plenty of loose ends we need to start tying up - if you still have the energy after the ‘Bake Off’ final that airs just before.

If the second episode of ‘The Missing’ was less dramatic than the first when missing girl Alice Webster mysteriously reappeared to her angst-ridden parents, it certainly provided more than its fair share of mystery, and unanswered questions, namely... Please share your thoughts on these and more below.

Adrian Stone and Alice have a previous connection, it transpires
Adrian Stone and Alice have a previous connection, it transpires

What happened to cause a wedge between Sam and Gemma Webster - we saw the couple behaving so lovingly in 2014 when their daughter first came home, and then so coldly in 2016, with him in the arms of another?

Talking of Sam, how DID he get those burn scars and why didn’t he want them fixed?

“I nearly lost my job for him,” he revealed about his son Matthew. How so?

Who’s in the photos that Gemma Webster keeps looking at on her computer?

We know Julien Baptiste was always harbouring doubts about the identity of the girl claiming to be Alice Webster. Does her mother also suspect something with that clumsy test about the school teacher’s name, which Alice seemingly passed with flying colours?

Over in Iraq, who is the bloke following Julien around? He doesn’t exactly seem like an enemy, bit it’s creepy.

What went wrong between the butcher’s wife, ex-Army officer Nadia Hertz, and Henry Reed?

Talking of Henry Reed, what went down between him and Adrian Stone?

Oh cripes, more connections - namely that between Adrian Stone and Alice. Following his creepy suggestion that he be the one to ask her about the butcher’s photo, have they silently agreed to frame the poor man? And why would Alice collude? And what’s she got against Adrian?

What on earth did that fable about the birds and the turtle mean? It didn’t sound particularly happy, especially for the turtle.

Is is really Alice? Julien’s building a bid case of fraudulent identity around one twitchy finger.

‘The Missing’ continues tonight on BBC One at 9pm. Do catch up on BBCiPlayer if you get a chance, if only to help us out with some of these mysteries.


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