'The Night Manager': 6 Questions We Need Answered In Finale

John Le Carre's spy drama reaches its conclusion this weekend.

'The Night Manager' comes to a crashing finale this weekend on BBC One, with viewers on the edge of their seats as Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) and the rest of Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie)’s entourage make their way into Cairo’s Nefertiti Hotel, back where it all began for our hero, when he first determined to avenge the death of his briefly seen but beautiful lover Sophie.

The trailer seems to imply that Jonathan Pine’s game of intrigue is up, with Egyptian drug dealer Freddie Hamid, his dead lover’s keeper and an associate of Roper’s, telling him, “I know you. You’re the night manager.” But will he remember this drunken conversation in the morning, or will Pine intervene?

<strong>A tense moment for Tom Hiddleston in the final episode of 'The Night Manager'</strong>
A tense moment for Tom Hiddleston in the final episode of 'The Night Manager'

6 other questions keeping us guessing until Sunday evening, when the conclusion airs at 9pm…

  1. Will Jonathan Pine finally be able to bring down Richard Roper, having perilously ingratiated himself within the businessman’s inner sanctum, killed poor old Corky as the only Pine-doubter in the room, and risked life and limb to get Roper’s secret business into the hands of MI6? Will he finally pull it off?
  2. Or… has Richard Roper been playing him all along? Surely, he, being so villainous and forensic in his crimes, would have thought twice before welcoming into his world a good-looking solitary interloper, with nothing to do apart from buy new linen suits, and nowhere to go apart from the villa swimming pool. Surely said interloper’s only two aims in life must inevitably be to a) sleep with his beautiful girlfriend much nearer Pine’s age than his, and b) betray him personally, and bring down his evil empire. Both of which he has done and is trying to do, respectively. When it all comes out, we’re not ones to say ‘Told you so’, but if we were…
  3. Talking of MI6, have the Bond producers spotted Tom Hiddleston’s blatant audition for 007 yet?
  4. Will Roper’s girlfriend Jed get out alive? History does not bode well for gangsters’ molls, but she’s lasted this long. It helps that Roper mysteriously disappears for just the right amount of time for Pine to give her information in her bedroom, her tent, etc... Isn’t CCTV a thing in these parts?
  5. Will Angela Burr finally get her man? She’s withstood government bureaucracy, lack of resources, her house being smashed up, her husband being assaulted, and her own self being threatened under cover of darkness - all this while sleepless and pregnant. Surely, she deserves a scalp.
  6. Will we get another inspection of Tom Hiddleston’s bottom? Surely he spent too long in the gym for that previous outing to be its only brief excursion.

'The Night Manager' concludes on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday.