From 'The Night Manager' To 'The Missing', What Was Your Favourite Crime Drama Of 2016?

Crime's paid off this year on the small screen.

While 2016 has been challenging in all sorts of ways, it has been a triumph in one relatively small but rich area - that of TV crime drama.

If we thought binge-viewing had brought to an end the era of counting sleeps until the next episode, we’d reckoned without the pulling power of ‘The Missing’ Series 2 and a tireless detective called Monsieur Baptiste.

Before that, ‘The Night Manager’ provided Tom Hiddleston with a pretty convincing 007 audition, and ‘Trapped’ made Iceland’s northern winter look horribly enticing.

Sarah Lancashire did it again in ‘Happy Valley’, while ‘The Fall’ Series 3 bravely departed from anything we might have expected from the previous gavottes danced by Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) and her serial killer suspect Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan).

We’re still waiting for ‘The Bridge’ writer Hans Rosenfeldt to reunite us with Saga Noren and her leather trousers. In the meantime, he brought us Anna Friel as Marcella while, over on Sky Atlantic, Riz Ahmed showed the human cost when the cards fall the wrong way up on what should have been a short night out in the city, in the excellent ‘The Night Of’. Back to binge-watching for that one.

So much good stuff... but what was your favourite? Vote below and let us know!


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