22/02/2017 06:35 GMT

18 Life Lessons 'The O.C.' Taught Us That Were Actually Total Lies

Tbf, Marissa Cooper wasn't exactly the best example.

‘The O.C’ was one of the defining TV shows for a generation of noughties teens, and while we idolised the characters at the time, with age we’ve discovered Seth, Marissa, Ryan, Summer et al were actually pretty rubbish role models (with Sandy Cohen being the obvious exception).

With 22 February marking 10 years to the day since the last episode aired, leaving us bidding Newport Beach goodbye, here are the life lessons they taught us as kids that have no place in adult life. 

1. Being a complete dick to your parents is OK

2. Looks are everything. Even when it comes to animals

3. Nice guys finish last

4. Being Queen Bee will get you ahead in life

5. Casual drug use makes you a more fun person

6. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop yourself turning into your parents

7. Girls will still want to date you, even if you are emotionally unavailable

8. Alcohol is always the answer

9. Sarcasm is the highest form of wit

10. Having compassion for others less well off than you is a waste of your time

11. Material possessions are everything

12. Not being ambitious isn’t a big deal

13. You think this is the most complicated your life will ever get

14. Being on good terms with an ex is unthinkable

15. Before the days of social media stalking, the actual thing was perfectly acceptable

16. Being kind brings unwated consequences

17. The more unobtainable something is, the more you should chase it

18. Girls will be completely cool with you objectifying them

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