You Should Never Put Cut Flowers In These Two Areas Of Your Home

There's an art to maintaining your flowers – and where you put them plays a big part.
malerapaso via Getty Images

Whether you love roses, lilies, or blue orchids, flowers are a simple yet stunning way to brighten up any room.

But making sure they stay fresh is easier said than done.

Luckily for you, Igor Podyablonskiy, founder of flower delivery service My Flowers, has some sage advice for getting the most out of your blooms.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight

“Contrary to popular belief, placing your bouquet in direct sunlight isn’t the best place to keep your flowers,” Podyablonskiy says.

This is because keeping your flowers in the sunshine will speed up the blooming process and shorten their lifespan.

Try keeping them in a cool shaded spot away from direct sunlight instead.

2. Put your flowers in a vase and trim the stems at a 45-degree angle

“When you first bring them home, fill a vase with room temperature water and pop in the flower food,” Podyablonskiy advises.

You should then trim each stem to a 45-degree angle and remove any leaves which will be submerged in water when in the vase.

“This means that the flowers will be able to get enough water and nutrients and also prevents bacteria from growing on the submerged leaves which can impact flower health,” the florist adds.

3. Keep your flowers away from a fruit bowl

This might sound like an odd suggestion but fruit emits gasses that can accelerate the flower’s natural blooming process and shortens its overall lifespan.

4. Replace the water every other day

“You should also replace the vase water every other day instead of just refilling it – and be sure to wash the vase too – to remove any bacteria,” Podyablonskiy says.

“By chopping an additional 1cm off the stem, when you replace the vase water, you can further invigorate your flowers and help them to take in more nutrients and water,” the florist explains.

And if you’re planning to be away for a few days, you can even store your flowers in the fridge to preserve their freshness and vibrancy.

5. Feed your flowers regularly

You usually get a free sachet of flower food when you buy a bouquet, but if you want your blooms to last, you might need to give them a bit more of a boost.

“It’s important to feed your flowers regularly,” says Podyablonskiy. “While commercial plant food is available, there are also lots of household ingredients that do the job including apple cider vinegar and carbonated drinks.”

Well now you know.