13/06/2017 00:01 BST | Updated 13/06/2017 11:44 BST

Paul O'Grady Admits He's 'Had Enough' Of His Teatime Chat Show

And PR-savvy celebs are to blame.

If you’re a fan of Paul O’Grady’s chat show, we have some bad news - it doesn’t sound like he’s planning on bringing it back any time soon. 

The Birkenhead comic has admitted he’s “had enough” of the teatime series, because the celebrities who come on it are too media trained. 

Rex/Shutterstock/Ken McKay
Paul O'Grady often hosted his chat show with pet pooch Olga

Paul fronted ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’ from 2004 to 2009 on both ITV and Channel 4, before returning to host it on the former network in 2013. 

Its most recent series aired in 2015, but speaking to HuffPost UK and other journalists, Paul lamented the days of having stars on the show who were not just on to promote something. 

“I’d sort of had enough of the chat show. People used to say to me, ‘I didn’t know you were that tall because you’re always sat behind a desk,’” he joked.

“There’s no raconteurs now, it’s all about plugging. It’s ‘tell me about your latest film’, then I glaze over.

“It was lovely when you had a guest on and the book was fabulous, like Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins. They didn’t care and had no filter. Then you get the others who are very hesitant and never answer the bloody question.

“I enjoyed it very much and I met fabulous people like Lauren Becall - I never thought I’d meet her, and I’m friends with all the Avengers girls now - but I get fed up.”

Channel 5
Paul is the new host of Channel 5's 'Blind Date'

“I don’t really do studio stuff anymore. I’m always out in the muck with the animals or crawling around in dog kennels,” he added on his work on ITV’s ‘For The Love Of Dogs’. 

Of course, Paul returned to the studio recently though, as he is fronting a revived series of ‘Blind Date’ on Channel 5, taking over as host from his late friend Cilla Black

Read all about what Paul thinks Cilla would have said about him accepting the job, and how she will still be a big part of the new series, here

‘Blind Date’ airs on Saturday (17 June) at 7pm on Channel 5. 

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