Need A Chat? The Peanut App Is The Safe Space Connecting Women Of All Ages And Life Stages

The app connects women of a similar stage in life – whether they are experiencing pregnancy or the menopause – to make that experience a little lighter.
The Peanut App
The Peanut App

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Having someone to soundboard off of, seek advice from, lend a shoulder to cry on or get some handy tips, no matter your age or life stage, was the exact incentive behind the app Peanut.

Peanut is a social networking app founded by mother Michelle Kennedy in 2017, after she found herself turning to forums to seek help navigating new found parenthood.

The app aims to connect women of a similar stage in life – whether they are experiencing pregnancy or the menopause to like-minded users, to make that experience a little lighter.

Peanut users become part of the welcoming community where everyone can have their say, voice their personal concerns or experiences, seek advice, and impart some all important words of wisdom they have learnt along the way.

Not only can women connect with others experiencing the same issues, or navigating life stages, but it provides a platform to ask those burning questions, interact with experts, or listen to podcasts from the professionals, to help put your mind at ease with whatever life stage you may be overcoming.

Peanut enthusiasts can meet IRL, or connect virtually, as the app helps to build those connections with similar women near and far.

Users can also find groups and communities with common interests or experiences, as well as join live audio conversations hosted by experts.

Peanut prides itself on providing access to acclaimed women’s health experts and industry professionals, who will bring evidence-based research to the fore.

The forums discuss a wide variety of topics, across menopause, pregnancy, fertility, mental health, physical health, nutrition, and much more; from how to bring the spark back into a relationship, what to pack in your hospital bag, essentials you can’t forget on your next family holiday, or even where to visit on those trips, and finding new friends after relocating, so Peanut is the one-stop site to allay any worries.

The app is suitable for women of any age worldwide, so everyone has the support and freedom to pose questions or concerns they may not feel comfortable airing to others – and that’s if they have anyone to offload those concerns to in the first place.

As Michelle explained: “It’s our duty to ensure no woman has to figure it out alone.”

Users can trust they are in a safe space, as the app, which is completely free of charge, requires a selfie verification to sign up and log in, so rest assured the Peanut community is accessible, affordable, and protected.

Peanut has garnered glowing reports from users, with some hailing it a “wonderful adventure”, and a “genius” way to overcome overwhelming phases for women so no one is alone.

One review read: “Peanut means a network, it means meeting new women who are going through your same experiences, it means supporting one another through this wonderful adventure.”

A second shared: “I wish I knew about Peanut sooner, as it’s so important to surround yourself with women who understand during those overwhelming moments of womanhood.”

Another happy user gushed: “I mean, seriously, genius, and so fun! I’ve been using the app for a few weeks and have already been able to connect with several awesome women that are within a local distance from me.”

Peanut is super simple to join, all you have to do is head to the website and scan the QR code to download the app, or find the app directly on the App Store.

From there, sign up with your details, and face recognition, and you are free to roam, read, review, listen and connect with fellow women.