21/02/2017 13:20 GMT

The Grate Debate: Mumsnet Users Deliberate The Right Way To Grate Cheese

One guy moves the grater up and down... 🤔

Grating cheese: it’s one of those menial tasks that you don’t tend to think too much about. Until now, that is.

A debate is taking place on Mumsnet after a woman explained that she’d only just noticed her husband-of-12-years grates cheese by moving the grater, instead of the cheese. *Gasps*

“I have always held the grater still and moved the cheese along it. He said it had never occurred to him to do it that way and I’d have never of thought of doing it his way,” she explained. 

“So which is the ‘normal’ way to grate cheese? Hold the cheese, move the grater or hold the grater, move the cheese?”

Here’s what the internet had to say on the matter...

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Most people move the cheese while grating...

User MusicToMyEars800 said: “Hold [the] grater and move the cheese. I think I would find it very strange doing it the other way, though I might give it a go next time.”

Most of the other commenters agreed with this method. 

“My grater has a non slip bit on the bottom so clearly it’s meant to be sat on a worktop and not move,” explained GeillisTheWitch.

DemelzaP said it was “madness” to do it any other way. 

“You hold the grater down in the bowl and move the cheese,” they explained. “It’s madness to hold them both in the air, it would take twice as long as you’d not be able to put any force into it. Or if he holds the cheese on the bowl or surface he can’t be using the whole face of the grater.”

Fair point.

A few people said they mix things up depending on grater size...

“With a big grater I hold the grater and move the cheese,” said llangennith.

“If it’s a small grater I’d hold the larger chunk of cheese and move the grater.”

BertrandRussell added: “It depends on the grater, surely? Parmesan - hold cheese, move grater. Other sorts of cheese and grater, like cheddar, hold grater move cheese.”

Getting technical, another said it depends on the type of grater... 

“If it’s a box grater, you should move the cheese,” said hugoagogo . “However, if it’s a microplane type thing then either is acceptable.”

Who even knew these were a thing?

And others proudly exclaimed that they don’t grate cheese. At all.

“I buy grated cheese because fuck that,” said ProudBadMum.

Another added: “You buy it ready grated in a packet. Obvs.”

Well there you have it, moving your grater and holding the cheese still is officially frowned upon. 

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