07/03/2017 23:04 GMT | Updated 08/03/2017 10:54 GMT

'The Replacement' Episode 2 Review: 6 Burning Questions We Now Have

Now we know for sure Paula's up to no good.

‘The Replacement’ continued on Tuesday night, and we’ve had one question answered very clearly - Ellen’s instincts were spot on, and Paula is out to do a lot of mischief. 

The BBC drama starring Morven Christie and Vicky McClure has successfully played into the worst nightmare of every working woman planning maternity leave, namely the idea that your temporary cover will sneak up and steal your job, your friends, your life. 

So, now this is out of the bag, what else do we need to know?

If Paula has own her way, she will be left holding the baby

1. Kay thought David was having an affair. With who, and was she right? All roads are leading to Paula, but this could be the biggest twist of all. 

2. If David and Paula weren’t having an affair, why was her lipstick in the bathroom, and what was she doing at his house when Ellen followed them?

3. And - so spooky - why was she standing on the corner when Ellen left?

4. Now we have definitive proof that Paula is out to cause mischief at best, revealed as faking her own daughter’s Facebook account - the question is still why, and what will she do now she realises Ellen is on the trail?

5. Finally, a dinner party to compete with Doctor Foster for the prickle of tension over what’s being left unsaid - until Kieran pierced the balloon and asked what he should do about a woman who’d lost her grip on reality - who and what COULD he be talking about?

 6. And where WAS Caris?

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