15/03/2017 11:35 GMT

‘The Replacement’ Writer Reveals Whether There’ll Be A Second Series

It's not good news, people.

‘The Replacement’ came to a dramatic close on Wednesday (14 March) night, and the show’s creator has now revealed whether a second series could be made.

Sadly though, it’s not good news for fans hoping to see more of Vicky McClure and her co-stars.

Speaking to the Radio Times, writer Joe Ahearne explained: “It’s very much a self-contained drama.

BBC/Left Bank
Vicky McClure and Morven Christie took the lead in the drama 

“I am very much a fan of beginning, middle and end, and quite a lot of drama on telly both here and in America they want it to be all middle. They like it to go on forever.

“When I am a viewer I don’t necessarily want to commit 20 hours of myself to something.

“So very few stories really repay that. It’s the commercial imperative of TV, it’s what everyone wants.”

He continued: “A lot of writers want something to write for five years. You try writing it.

“It’s absolutely exhausting trying to find out new angles on a character. How many stories really do you want to be with the same characters for years and years and years?”

‘The Replacement’ isn’t the only show to come to an end recently, and TV fans recently expressed their annoyance at ITV’s decision to call time on ‘The Halcyon’, after just one series.

But while ‘The Replacement’ writer Joe is quite adamant that his programme shouldn’t return, the team behind the hotel-based period drama are doing their best to see if it can return to our screens after all.

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