The Rudest Things You Can Do When Someone's Getting Married

Newlyweds spill the beans...
martinedoucet via Getty Images

For some people, their wedding day is the most important day of their life. Committing yourself to someone for (hopefully) ever and celebrating that with your loved ones is a pretty big deal.

But sometimes, it’s those same loved ones that can prove the biggest stress on a couple’s big day – well, that’s according to new research by wedding planning website Hitched.

It surveyed 2,400 newlyweds about which guest behaviours they found most annoying during the lead up to – and on – their big day. Let’s dive in…

Asking to bring a plus one (or child!)

According to the survey, 70% of those surveyed said the most annoying question leading up to their wedding was from guests asking if they could bring a plus one or a child.

It feels like a divisive topic (and can be very dependent on the age and behaviour of said child), but it’s not a surprise that most people would rather not have to deal with the logistics of entertaining kids on their big day.

Plus ones feel slightly more tricky to navigate. You don’t want your friend to be the only one without a date, but do you really want a stranger – or a friend of a friend you loosely know – at such an intimate moment in your life? Probably not.

Seating plan gripes

More than half (53%) of newlyweds said that seating plan interrogations before the wedding wound them up the most – and I get it. I mean, does where you’re sitting really matter?

The entire party is going to be on the dance floor doing the YMCA in a few hours. Just eat your chicken breast, drink your wine and make small talk with someone you’ll probably never meet again. It’s not that deep.

Late RSVPing

Weddings are a) expensive and b) take a long time to plan, so if you’ve been invited to someone’s big day, the least you could do is save the date and promptly let them know whether you’re attending or not.

There’s likely a huge list of people they’ve not invited because of space/expense who would love to take your place. It’s no surprise that 18% of newlyweds found this the most frustrating – it’s rude.

Trying to be the centre of attention

You’d think this was a given, right? But sadly not – 38% of those asked said the most annoying thing a guest could do on their wedding day is to try and be the centre of attention.

Some people will thrive on having an audience, whether it’s inappropriate jokes or trying to take control of the dance floor, but it’s Not! About! You! Uncle! Mike!

A further third of couples said that guests getting too drunk would irk them the most, while 17% said that guests getting in the way of the photographer is most jarring.

Look Debbie, we get you want a memory of you and Susan with your matching fascinators, but could you maybe try a selfie instead? Is that too much to ask? Jeez.