What Colour Is This Shirt? Plaid Shirt Becomes Men's Edition Of 'The Dress'

Blue/green? Red/black? Blue/blue?

A colour-changing shirt is making people question their grasp of colour, in the same way that ‘The Dress’ did in 2015.

Under flashing lights the plaid shirt appears to change from blue, to green, to red and black in a matter of seconds.

So can you tell what colour it actually is?

The gif was shared on imgur on Monday 3 October prompting a flurry of guesses, as well as many pleas of: “Can someone science the actual color of the shirt for us?”

Imgur user vic6011 was happy to oblige: “The flashing lights act like a filter, preventing certain colors from being visible at certain times”.

From that previoustopcomment was able to deduce: “The light makes the other colours seem black, under red light, green has nothing to reflect and appears black.”

Which apparently means: “It’s probably blue green and red in a plaid pattern.”

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