US Punk Band The Story So Far Frontman Fly-Kicks Fan Off Stage For Taking A Selfie

The audience reacted by cheering.

Notice to selfie-taking fans - not every one of your favourite bands appreciates it.

That was the harsh lesson learnt by one follower of UK punk outfit The Story So Far, when she spontaneously joined the group on stage and attempted to take a photo of herself with the musicians.

<strong>"We do not condone these actions by anyone"</strong>
"We do not condone these actions by anyone"

This obviously wasn't on the rider for the band's frontman Parker Cannon, who took matters into his own hands. Or legs. As the fan fiddled with her phone, he approached her from behind, jumped in the air and kicked her. One fan recorded the footage as the fan went flying into the crowd.

The Story So Far have now been banned from the venue, Toronto's Mod Club, with the manager explaining, "We do not condone these actions by anyone. I have never imagined and never seen anything like that at the venue in 14 years in operation. That was a very cowardly act.”

Talking of cowardly... the footage (including the incident which happens approximately 30" from the start) also reveals the cheering of the audience, and Parker calmly carrying on dancing. Other fans climbed on stage themselves, with no such similar reactions. No complaint was made about the incident.

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