24/08/2016 08:44 BST

The Tesla Model S P100D Is 'The Quickest Production Car In The World'

Four seats, a boot and goes from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds....

Tesla have announced an all-new version of their physics-defying super-saloon the Model S.

It’s called the P100D and with a 0-60mph of 2.5 seconds it is, according to Tesla, ‘the quickest production car in the world.’


In fact there are only two other cars in the world even close to achieving that kind of acceleration and they are The Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918.

In case you were thinking of getting one of those instead then I’m afraid you’ll need to think again, both were so exclusive that not only did they cost £1m and £600,000 respectively, but they’re both not on sale anymore.

How much will the Model S P100D cost? Around £100,000, which is a lot, but compared to a cool £1m, that’s a bargain.

Gerlach Delissen via Getty Images
Ferrari LaFerrari - One of the most exclusive cars on the planet, and only just faster than a Model S P100D.

Tesla’s Model S already has a reputation for being one of the most absurd ‘family’ cars on the planet and this latest model will do absolutely nothing to appease that impression.

Tesla’s Model S P90D was implausibly fast so the idea of a large four-seater going toe-to-toe with two of the faster hypercars in the world frankly hurts our head.

Of course there’s some more good news which is that all that power means an even bigger battery, which in turn means more range, over 300 miles to be specific.

We actually took the P90D for a drive earlier this year and found that the results were remarkably accurate to the company’s predictions getting between 250-280 miles before needing a charge. 

The P100D claims to have around 315 miles so while it’s a small increase it’s one that will show through if you don’t drive it like a lunatic.

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