‘The Voice UK’: Tom Jones Dismisses ‘Let It Shine’ Rivalry Talk

The Welsh crooner is returning to the show.

Sir Tom Jones has dismissed talk that there’ll be a rivalry between ‘The Voice UK’ and the BBC’s new show ‘Let It Shine’.

‘The Voice’ will make its ITV debut on Saturday (7 January) night, while over on BBC One, Gary Barlow’s brand new programme premieres, but Tom doesn’t see it fit to compare the two.

<strong>Sir Tom Jones</strong>
Sir Tom Jones
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK on the red carpet at the press launch of ‘The Voice’, he told us: “I don’t know what that show [‘Let It Shine’] is going to be like, but I know what our show is and I think people really like ‘The Voice’, so they’ve got to come up against an already established show.

“But then again, there’s always something to be said for something new as well, but that’s the way it is, there’s room for both shows.

“The British public - there’s a lot of them. There’s a lot of people out there.

“I don’t think one is going to compete with the other one. The only thing is ratings but as far as one show being any better, I don’t think you can compare them. They’re different shows.”

Got that everyone? Totally. Different. Shows.

<strong>The new-look 'The Voice' panel</strong>
The new-look 'The Voice' panel
Ian West/PA Wire

While the basic premise of ‘The Voice’ is staying the same on ITV, the broadcaster has implemented a handful of changes.

This year, the chairs won’t turn at all if nobody pushes their buzzer, leaving the hopeful to walk off stage with no constructive criticism.

During a chat with us, host Emma Willis also revealed that there are going to be more live shows this year. See what she had to say in the video below…

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