These Self-Help Books Are Going Viral – And For Good Reason

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Booktok is like marmite, you either love or hate it – but you can’t deny its influence in the book world. When a book gets a thumbs up from Booktokkers, usually that book is well worth the hype.

But it’s not always easy to decipher which books from the clock app are actually worth reading, especially when it comes to self-help books.

Now I know not everyone is convinced about whether they actually make a difference. I, however, love them – if you find a good self-help book it can really transform the way you see yourself and the world.

And luckily for us, experts at Book Analysis have shared six of the most popular self-care books that TikTok can’t get enough of.

Looking for your next empowering read? Check out this list.


this book found me and now, here it is, finding you #untamed #glennondoyle #booktok #selflove

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With 18.6 billion views for the search ‘Untamed book’ it’s clear that this is a firm favourite on #booktok. One user even said: “It changed my life and shifted my perspective on what it means to live your most true, beautiful life and let yourself be exactly what and who you want to be.”

Untamed explores the joy and peace we can discover when we stop trying to meet the expectations of others. Part intimate memoir and part wake-up call, it shows us how we can begin to trust ourselves enough to set boundaries, make peace with our bodies, and unleash our wildest, truest instincts.


sometimes we need a reminder of what’s meant for us 🫶🏼 this book is AMAZING! The Mountain Is You by Briana West📚 it’s about transforming self-sabotage into self-mastery. Highly recommend all her work 🤍

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The Mountain Is You is about self-sabotage – including why and when we do it, and how to stop it for good. The mountain metaphor has often been used to describe the biggest challenges we face in life: to scale the mountain, you have to adjust how you show up for the climb by building resistance and excavating trauma.

There are several videos of people exploring quotes from the book that have impacted them the most. One user says that the book is “eye-opening” for anyone trying to heal.

Women Who Love Too Much is for people who have ever found themselves obsessing over undeserving partners and people who are constantly drawn into destructive relationships.

Robin Norwood is a relationship and marriage therapist who explains why we get into unhealthy, addictive relationships and reveals how you can find and sustain love.

“When I tell you this book changed my life. I don’t see relationships the same and I’m still not done,” one user said.


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Women Who Run with The Wolves is about the ‘wild woman’ within all of us, the source of female creativity, energy and power – which has been repressed for centuries by the male-oriented values that can trivialise women’s emotions.

As one user describes the book: “It’s not about running around naked and screaming, but it means being really in touch with yourself, being in touch with your intuition, and just really knowing who you are.”


Best book ever 🤍 Good vibes, Good life, How self love is the key to unlocking your greatness #goodvibes #goodlife #vexking #motivation #selflove #fyp

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Good Vibes, Good Life is full of positive messages and wisdom to help you manifest positive vibes, practise self-care, and prioritise your well-being.

One user explained that “the book changed her life,” and highly recommends it because you’ll learn how to activate true self-love.


What a time to be alone by Chidera Eggerue aka @The Slumflower I highly recommend this beautiful book as a best friends guide for life. I also recommend giving the Slumflower a follow and to listen to the podcast the Slumflower hour. #blackhistorymonth #blackauthors #blackauthorsbooks #booksforyou #booklover #bookworm #bookstoread #bookrecs #books #booktok #booktoker #capcut #mustreadbooks #CapCut

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From online sensation The Slumflower, the power behind the #saggyboobsmatter movement, What A Time To Be Alone is empowering and intimate. It’s about finding self-worth in a world that’s obsessed with telling us we’re not good enough.