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These Are The Types Of People You ALWAYS Meet On A Business Trip

There is sharing and then there is over-sharing...
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In the office, everyone adopts a professional demeanour.

It’s always surprising to discover Kevin from accounts is a hardcore raver, or Jaya the receptionist has an extensive collection of porcelain dolls. Perhaps these things are best left as secrets.

Research by Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts shows most people see business trips as ‘an opportunity to focus on their personal goals and get ahead in all aspects of their life, not just work’, and value the opportunity to have more ‘human interactions’.

Which means someone is bound to let loose a little too much, but we all know the trip would be just a little less colourful if they didn’t...

See how many business travellers you recognise below:

The Wine o’Clocker

Believes the holy grail after meetings lies at the hotel bar. Knows the best clubs in the city. Most likely to wear, say or do something that goes way too far.

The Workaholic

You thought they’d let loose on this trip, but nope, gone the other way. The professional surroundings have opened up a world of ideas to make this trip work more efficiently for all.

The Freedom Fighter

Believes work ends at 6 o’clock. Everyone has the right to treat the rest of the time as a holiday.

The No-Nonsense Optimist

Loves every part of the trip – the work, the place, and if there’s time to play, well that’s a bonus. Most likely to say, “This is a great experience! Enjoy it for what it is!”

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The Complainaholic

Will find fault in everything. First to point out the flaw in the plan at meetings. Hates travelling. Mistrusts plans made by others.

The Over-Sharer

The comfort of the surroundings makes them relax their boundaries. Will ask personal questions, reveal details that you really didn’t want to know.

The Selective Conversationalist

At work, chats are restricted to water-cooler areas. Why does it have to change now that you’re away? Prepared for work bonding, but first, a few minutes to gaze out the window in quiet contemplation over a coffee, if you please.

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The Liberated Parent

Will cram in as much activity as possible, followed by the inevitable end-review, “I should’ve used this time to get a good night’s sleep.”

The Lone Wolf

Work time is work time, but afterwards belongs to oneself. Expect not to see them as they explore whatever city they find themselves in.

The Hard-Nosed Manager

This is their opportunity to show that underneath the tough office persona, there’s a soft, generous, fun person. They will be first at the hotel bar with the corporate credit card.

The Unelected Tour Guide

The concierge may be the expert when it comes to tips and guides to exploring the city, but step aside, the Tour Guide has it covered.

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