These Relatable Comics Sum Up Sibling Relationships Perfectly

Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger put together a collection of illustrations that capture the ups and downs of life with siblings.

Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger illustrates all kinds of different relationship dynamics, but one of her favourites is the bond between siblings.

“Sibling relationships encompass so many human experiences ― love, competition, exasperation, tenderness, annoyance, support, fun, and the intense desire to yell, “I’M TELLING ON YOU!’” Hedger told HuffPost. “Cartoons are a perfect way to capture all that absurdity.”

Over the years, she’s turned many of her own experiences from having siblings ― and raising them ― into hilarious cartoons for her “Hedger Humor” website and social media accounts. The artist has also connected with fellow illustrators who create art around similar themes.

“Your siblings know your embarrassing stories, they remember your terrible haircuts, and they are the only people who truly know what it’s like to be in your family,” Hedger said. “You love each other, you bug each other, and you’ll always be there for each other.”

To celebrate this universal experience, Hedger shared a collection of her favourite sibling cartoons with HuffPost.

“As these cartoons show, there are sweet and loving moments between siblings, and a lot of ridiculous moments too,” she noted. “When you’re parenting siblings, you see that the kids hate each other one minute, and love each other the next. They will team up against you. The older one will teach the younger one unfortunate things. They’ll engage in the most absurd fights you’ve ever witnessed. It’s all quite funny, and cartoons let us step back and appreciate the humour.”

Adrienne Hedger/Hedger Humor

Ultimately, Hedger and the other artists featured hope that their cartoons resonate with others and make them feel less alone.

“Whether you are a sibling, you’re parenting siblings, or both, just know that you’re not crazy,” she said. “These relationships can be really complicated, while at the same time being really rewarding.”

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“Let’s be thankful for all the interesting and unique experiences siblings add to our lives,” Hedger said. “When you think about it, they’re the only people who can put you in a headlock, then steal your clothes, and somehow you still love them.”