These Sustainable Life Swaps Will Save You Money

Save the planet, and your cash

Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that choosing the eco-friendly option is going to be more costly. Turns out, this isn’t the case. We’ve rounded up the ten easiest things you can do to live that sustainable life – and save money at the same time.

Invest in a reuseable water bottle

Instead of being stung for a couple of quid every time you buy a bottle of water at the train station or on your lunch, be more like Lily Cole and refill your reusable water bottle with tap water, to cut down on your plastic usage day-to-day costs.

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Buy a bag of sustainable coffee and a cafetiere

Instead of contributing to the drain on both planetary resources and your own pay check by buying takeaway cup of coffee every morning, make your own. Join the ranks of coffee snobs, it feels good.


Go vintage

It’s still in fashion, and much better for the planet than binge buying five tops in five different colours off the high street. Either that, or clothes swap with your mates.


Replace your builbs with LED lights

Due to the longer lifespan of LED lights, you will save the pennies in the long run if you invest. Plus, they’re more energy efficient. Double win.


Use a laundry rack

Only use your tumble dryer with bedding and towels. Unless the weather’s decent, in which case, take full advantage of the sun’s rays.


Walk to work, or car share

If you live close enough, try to take a couple of days a week to walk. If not, you’re cutting down on the environmental and economic cost of your commute if you car share with a friend or colleague.


Take shorter showers

According to the experts, a sustainable shower is around four minutes – but a report from the Energy Saving Trust found that the average is seven and a half. Download an app or use an egg timer, to chug through less.

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Make your own cleaning products

Good news: you probably already own all the ingredients to make your own kitchen cleaner. Apple cider vinegar, water and a spray bottle are all you need.

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