11 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Addicted To Coffee

Can’t imagine living without your morning cup of coffee?

A new study has revealed that your caffeine addiction might actually be encoded in your DNA (rather than just a sign of a lack of willpower).

Those with a genetic variation in the PDSS2 gene are far more likely to need a daily fix than those without it.

So if you’re well and truely addicted to that double shot espresso, we get it. We really get it.

1. When you can’t talk to anyone before your first coffee of the day.

2. You know any situation can be made better with coffee.

3. You can’t stand coffee fakes: cinnamon spiced latte with whipped cream isn’t coffee, it is sugar.

4. You would rather give up food than coffee.

5. When you wake up hungover and there is no coffee in the house you question how life will go on.

6. You’ve suggested going for coffee on a first date rather than cocktails.

7. You ask yourself several times a day whether another coffee would be socially acceptable.

8. You know your colleagues judge you for the amount of caffeine you consume, but you couldn’t care less.

9. The most disappointing thing that can happen to you is letting a good cup of coffee go cold.

10. You think coffee breath is actually an attractive quality.

11. Espresso Martinis are the perfect way to end the day.