8 Things Men Should Know Before Getting A Wax

It will hurt.

Waxing is a key component of many female beauty routines, but increasingly men are getting in on the hairless action.

In honour of Men’s Grooming Day (19 August) we’re talking about all the things men really need to know before lying down on that waxing table.

1. It Will Hurt.

But that smooth skin will be worth it.

2. You Might Want To Avoid Skinny Jeans For A While.

Wear loose clothing, you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

3. Don’t Exercise Afterwards.

Sweat on a fresh wax is more likely to cause blocked pores, red bumps and ingrown hairs. Not attractive.

4. Don’t Shave Before Thinking You’re Being Helpful.

Trust us, it will cause so many more problems.

5. Your Waxer Has Seen It All Before.

Balls and all.

6. It Won’t Be As Awkward As You Think It Will.

They spend their whole day looking at stranger’s bits and know exactly the right thing to say.

7. Skip Your Morning Coffee.

Chloe Scriminger, Head Trainer at Ministry of Waxing reminds her customers that stimulants make the skin more sensitive.

8. Take A Painkiller.

If you’re really worried about the pain, it will take the edge off.