9 Amazing Things The Internet Has Given Us

Grumpy cat.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the internet: the day the public gained access to the World Wide Web.

Known as ‘Internaut Day’, it was on 23 August 1991 that our world changed forever.

Little did we know how many cat videos we had coming our way...

1. Funny Cat Videos

So many hours lost watching a cat play the piano.

2. Facebook Stalking

How would we know what our ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend looks like otherwise?

3. Drunk Shopping

Think of all that Alan Partridge memorabilia we would never have owned.

4. Netflix ‘N Chill

How did people ever propose casual sex before the internet?

5. WebMD

Turning every hangover into a deadly disease since 1991.

6. Selfies

Now we’re all pro photographers and minor celebrities.

7. Google Maps

Were we meant to use an actual paper-bound map before this?

8. The Ice Bucket Challenge

And all other annoying viral charity campaigns.

9. Terrible Hashtags

#blessed #gymlife #cleaneating

Maybe sometimes Sir Tim Berners-Lee wishes he’d kept it to himself.

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