5 Things You Really Need To Know Before Having A One Night Stand

Don't fall in love with them.

Having a one night stand can be great.

You get a no-strings orgasm (hopefully) and you don’t have to do boring couples crap like go to Homebase.

But no strings attached doesn’t necessarily mean it is without problems. And those problems tend to arise through a lack of mental preparation.

So get in the right state of mind and you’ll boss this like the sex god(dess) you totally are.

1. Don’t Fall In Love With Them

Look we know it’s tough - especially for women - when your hormones are sabotaging the shit out of you by producing oxytocin that screams “LOVE, BABIES, NESTING” but the whole point of this gig is to be carefree and single.

Put your emotions in a box, and get back on Tinder before you turn into Rick Astley.

2. Practice Safe Sex

Look, we’re not your mum. You’re an adult and you do you. But this one really is not up for negotiation. That is unless you love Herpes. And unlike that puppy you got at Christmas, this WILL stay with you for life.

Use a condom, don’t have a baby (really helps with executing point number one) and don’t end up at the GUM clinic full of regret and itchy pants.

3. No One Cares If You Wax

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all just get this straight. You don’t need to spend lots of money waxing your genitals for someone to want to have sex with you.

If that’s your thing, then go right ahead, but don’t do it for anyone else. Trust us, it really isn’t worth the pain.

4. Getting Drunk Isn’t A Requirement

Sober sex has it’s perks too - mainly that you know exactly what you’re doing and don’t make a fool out of yourself. Although if you really feel like you need some dutch courage, we get it. We totally get it.

5. Consider Who You’re About To Do This With

If the person you’re about to hook up with is a stranger then this is probably less of an issue for you (although remember to be safe).

But if this is Dave from HR you’re about to share a bed with you might want to consider whether or not this is going to have repercussions. Do you really want to have to see that guy by the printer every morning?