14/07/2017 14:18 BST | Updated 26/01/2018 14:58 GMT

13 Things You Only Know If You're A 'Northerner' Living In London

Welcome to another world entirely.

When you live anywhere north of London and move to the capital, there are certain things you need to get used to.

Yes, everything is expensive. Yes, the pace of life is far quicker. And yes, you’re probably going to spend the next decade debating the correct way to say laugh, bath and latte.

Here are 13 things you better get used to.

1. Ditching inappropriate shoes and living in trainers forevermore.

2. Dealing with mass confusion every time you call lunch ‘dinner’.

3. Having to increase your walking speed by 75%.

4. Being massively overwhelmed by Oxford Street.

5. Wondering if London cyclists are actually ok though.

6. Learning that talking to people on the tube is a no-go.

7. Having to do a food shop in Tesco Express every night.

8. Coming to terms with the price of booze.

9. Regularly having nightmares about the cost of rent. 

10. Wondering how you’re not homeless yet.

11. Adapting to living in extremely close proximity to others.

12. Discovering they don’t hug here, it’s all about the cheek kiss.

13. Always being referred to as ‘northern’, even when you’re from the Midlands.