08/03/2017 14:59 GMT | Updated 20/03/2017 11:01 GMT

This 3D Printer Can Build An Entire House In A Single Day

Is this the future of living?

What if you could build a house, furnish it and move in within a single week?

Sound impossible, and yet it could soon become a reality.

San Francisco-based company Apis Cor have designed and built their very own house, all in just 24 hours.

How did they do it? 3D Printing. The company designed and built their very own mobile 3D printer and then used it to build a 400-square-foot house that’s about the same size as a standard hotel room.

3D printing a house isn’t just easy, it’s also incredibly cheap. The company claims that the house cost a little over $10,000 with the windows and doors actually taking up the majority of the cost.

The house is made from concrete, which is then layered using the printer.

Apis Cor

Of course there are still some elements of the building process that need to be left to humans. 

The wiring, thermal and acoustic insulation all need to be installed manually. Oh and if you don’t want it to look like concrete you’re going to need to paint it yourself too.

What makes the process impressive though is both the speed and the flexibility. As long as the design is structurally sound, architects can create anything they want on a computer and then have it reproduced there in front of them in less than a week.