This Image-Warping Projector Will Blow Your Mind

This is seriously cool...

Projectors are only as great as the surface you project them on, or are they?

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created an astonishing projection technique which dynamically alters the projection to fit the 3D surface upon which it’s shown in real-time.

It’s called “DynaFlash” and it works by using 8-bit images which stream video at around 1,000fps with a 3ms delay.

Combined with this absurd camera is a piece of advanced surface-tracking technology which then looks at an infra-red marker (placed onto the surface) and compensates the image in real-time.

While it all sounds very complex, the only best way to describe it is to see if for yourself (by definitely watching the video above).

The reason this is so impressive, aside from the video itself, is that it’s performing a task which is so beyond human capabilities.

University of Tokyo

How would this actually help you?

Well advertisers are going to love it; imagine seeing an advert projected onto your shirt which shows you wearing a completely new set of clothes?

Another use case could be that you’ll be able dynamically project items onto your home, allowing you to effectively redecorate without ever having to use a single drop of paint.

Of course this technology is very much in the experimental stage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about what it’s capable of.