This Drone Film Captures The Breathtaking Beauty Of Our Planet

Drones have had something of a bad rep recently. This film will rectify that.

Cinematographer Christian Grewe took his 4K camera and a DJI Phantom 3 across 12 different countries over a period of seven months and shot some of the most incredible footage we've ever seen.

Grewe travelled over 80,000km to capture some of these shots including a round-the-world trip, one to south Asia and several to different parts of Europe.

Christian Grewe

It should come as no surprise to learn that Grewe is no amateur at this, he's been making travel films for a while with his distinctive style becoming something of a smash hit on video site Vimeo.

Unsurprisingly though it's his drone work which stands out, with 'Air Time' capturing the Earth in a way that only a drone can.

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