This Is How Often You Should Actually Change Your Toilet Brush And We're Horrified

Excuse us while we bin everything in our bathroom.
Hispanolistic via Getty Images

Don’t you just love finding out that everything you own in your household needs to be thrown out?

Well, add another bunch of items to your list because as it turns out, you should also be changing out your toilet brushes relatively frequently.

According to interior experts from Online Bedrooms, we should be changing out our toilet brush every nine months because even though people (hopefully) regularly clean their toilet brushes with bleach and toilet cleaner, the bacteria tends to linger on the stems of the brush.

And toilet brushes are not the only items you should be swapping out regularly. And the frequency of swapping for some of these items is just…terrifying to think of, especially when it hits you just how long you’ve let some items sit in your house.

Shower Curtains — Three months

Many people are not aware that they need to be washing their shower curtains every so often. But you also need to know that you’re not supposed to keep a shower curtain for more than three months.

Because the excess amount of water hitting the shower curtains leads to mould growth due to the heavy moisture conditions.

Chopping Boards — One year

You never really think much of the chopping board collection in your kitchen, but apparently you should be swapping them out every year because the marks from knives can cause bacteria to deepen into the board and potentially lead to contamination of food.

Protective Phone Screens — One year

It comes as no surprise that the electronic device you use the most and cannot wash is going to be beyond filthy — especially the front screen. People often use protective screens to prevent any damage, but this can accumulate tons of bacteria from the constant typing and swiping, so it is recommended to replace them every year.

And while you’re at it, replace that back cover too, and clean your phone.

Toothbrush — Six months

Okay, you’ve been using your toothbrush for quite a while. You’ve broken it in and it might even be your favourite one. But you should not be keeping them for too long.

As it turns out, you should be replacing your toothbrush every six months. The bottom of the toothbrush is a cesspit for bacteria and it can accumulate more if just left in the holder every day. Also, the bristles are going to be all over the place after a point.

Best to replace it every six months to avoid getting sick.

Other items you should be replacing regularly in your household are bed sheets every two years, sponges as soon as they start getting smelly, rugs every three years, towels every two years and pans, five.

It can be quite a hassle, but it can stop you from getting sick in the long run. Also, we doubt you’ll be able to look at your appliances the same way again after having read this article. So there’s that.