This Is The Exact Day And Time That You Should Tidy Your Home Each Week

A perfect reset for the week ahead.

Have you been taking part in the Sunday reset trend? Popularised on TikTok with over 247k posts, the trend is a favourite amongst lifestyle creators and, of course, #CleanTok.

A perfect way to take your mind off the Sunday Scaries, a Sunday reset and according to Martin Seeley, CEO and Sleep Expert at MattressNextDay, it could be beneficial for unwinding and improving your mood.

In fact, according to a study, individuals who practised mindfulness while washing dishes, savouring the soap’s aroma and the overall experience, reported a 27% reduction in nervousness and a 25% improvement in “mental inspiration.”

Worth a try, right?

So, how do you get started on a ‘Sunday Reset’?

Well, Seeley says: “The optimal time for a Sunday reset of your bedroom is between 3-5 pm, aligning with the period when people typically experience Sunday blues.

“So, by doing it at this time, you can distract yourself from any negative feelings and, instead, experience the positive outcomes of a tidy space.”

He added that when it comes to your mattress specifically, you should be pulling back the sheets once a week and letting the mattress air. This gives the mattress the chance to spring back into shape. while evaporating any excess moisture.

As for the rest, Seeley has advice for those getting started on their Sunday reset journey.

How to do a Sunday Reset

Try to do most of your laundry throughout the week

Seeley recommends washing the majority of your clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays to avoid rushing on Sundays. This ensures that you only need to wash your bedding on a Sunday, freeing up a lot of time and leaving you with a manageable laundry schedule.

He added that you could also set a day for each wash load, suggesting that Mondays could be for darker clothing, Wednesday for lighter clothing etc. This sets up a routine not just for you but anybody that you live with.

If you can, try to wash clothes during off-peak hours

Speaking of laundry, Seeley recommends doing a wash during off-peak hours which are typically between 10pm and 8am, though it can be different with some providers. If this isn’t possible, try to see if your provider does have hours that are specifically cheaper.

Don’t bother making the bed on Sunday mornings

While Sunday should be your day dedicated to cleaning your bedding, don’t rush to make the bed straight away. Seeley said: ” You must leave your mattress to air before changing the sheets. As you sleep, you sweat and moisture gets trapped in the bedding and, therefore, your mattress, duvets, and pillow.

“If you make the bed straightaway, that moisture can get trapped under the new bedding, allowing bacteria to build up. The best thing you can do is leave your bed to breathe for a few hours, ensuring that the moisture dries.”

Dust before you do any vacuuming

Before breaking out the vacuum, make sure you’ve dusted everywhere first. After all, what’s the point in vacuuming when you’re just about to knock more dust onto the ground?

Don’t forget to clean light switches

While they probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when cleaning your home, light switches can harbour a lot of germs and bacteria. In fact, a study found that a light switch is crawling with 217 bacteria types per square inch; including faecal matter and E. coli — worse than the average toilet seat.

You don’t just need to clean your mattress but your headboard too

Seeley advises that if you have a hard-surfaced headboard, dust it while the bed linen is in the washing machine to avoid brushing dust onto your fresh sheets. If your headboard is fabric, spray an even distribution of fabric freshener on the headboard and stroke it in before using a vacuum cleaner to remove the liquid.

Got lumpy pillows? Get them back in shape with tennis balls

If your bed is looking almost perfectly made apart from some lumpy pillows, Seeley advises reaching for the tennis balls: “Place them in the dryer with tennis balls inside a clean sock on the lowest setting for 30 minutes to restore fluffiness.”

Enjoy your Sunday!