This Is Why We’ll Never Know Who Some Of The Voice Actors Are In Bluey

Another reason to love the show.
Bluey, an ABC Kids production
Bluey, an ABC Kids production
ABC Kids

Bluey is a popular Australian kids tv show about a family learning to navigate life together through empathy and kindness.

The show tackles somewhat difficult topics like infertility, grandparents slowing down, and invisible illnesses in a move that has brought the show 11 million viewers.

It is a children’s show on the surface but really, it’s aimed at the whole family and parents have praised the show for being entertaining and educational.

However, Bluey isn’t just different in its approach to storytelling but also in the approach to voice actors.

Siblings Bingo and Bluey are actually played by children but this hasn’t launched their careers as the identities of the pair hasn’t actually been disclosed anywhere, not even in the show credits as the show creators want to protect their privacy.

Bluey show creators protect identities of child actors

In an interview with Kidspot, the actress who plays Chilli praised this decision saying: “I think that was so clever and I’m so happy that, not knowing how big the show would be, they had the foresight to do it. In the long term, I think that protecting young people is so important in this industry.”

However, creator of Bluey, Joe Brumm did reveal one thing about the children: they are related to some of the team on the production crew.

In an interview with Bounty Parents he said that the show is based on his own experiences raising two daughters.

The self-directed play seen in the show is directly inspired by his daughters and how they interact. He said: “It’s fascinating seeing how much they learn from devising and playing their own games, especially the more elaborate and social ones.”

It really is the most wholesome show.

Bluey is available to stream on Disney Plus.


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