This Is Why You Need To Schedule In A ‘Crust Day’

Treat yourself to some crust – especially if you have a chronic health condition.
Close up of a Young Japanese woman using a smart phone while lying down in a bed
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Close up of a Young Japanese woman using a smart phone while lying down in a bed

Summer is here! BBQs, pub gardens, parties, weddings and oh so much socialising. So. Much. Socialising.

Of course, this is great and there’s good reason why so many of us look forward to these sunnier days, but for more introverted people or even just people who enjoy their own company, it’s vital that we still get a little time to ourselves. Time to recharge, to have a breather, and according to some TikTok creators, time to crust.

Now, that sounds disgusting, and that’s because it kind of is but… in a good way? Bear with me here.

A little crust is OK, as a treat

The logic of ‘crust days’ or as some users are calling them, ‘rot days’ is that when we’re as busy as many of us are, it’s essential that we take a day or two to just let ourselves crust at home. No responsibilities, no expectations, just embracing the crust for a day to prepare us for the week ahead.

As TikTok creator Emma Olsen said, “I’m just a girl, I cannot be expected to function without at least two rot days per week”.

Crust days are essential for some disabled people

Crust days serve a real functional purpose for disabled people, too.

Being disabled can often cause burnout in itself, between managing symptoms and functioning in a world that still isn’t built for disabled people. Having these days of rest and not pushing our bodies too hard means that we reduce the risk of symptoms flaring up and disability burnout setting in.

Creator Emily Rose speaks on this saying that if you are chronically ill or have an autoimmune disease, you are not being lazy because you need a crust day. Adding that she sometimes even needs a crust week.

For people who are neurodivergent, these low-pressure rest days are essential for resetting energy levels and being able to ‘unmask’ comfortably at home.


I use a lot of energy just trying to support myself every day - so recovery days are really important #selfcare #neurodivergent #restday #recovery #stimming

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I know for myself as a disabled person, I have to plan my life around my disabilities and this means that if I have a few busy days in a row or have plans every weekend in a month, I know that I need to fit in time to do nothing and I mean

For me, a ‘crust day’ means watching tv on the sofa, making the easiest dinner possible and wearing the most unflattering, comfortable clothes possible. Adam Sandler chic, if you will.

How to have a crust day

So, are you thinking of scheduling a crust day? Ultimately, the whole idea is that there is no pressure on you to do anything at-all. So there’s no hurry to get out of bed, there’s no pressure to follow any rules.

Do whatever makes you feel like you can space out and rest for the day. Whether that means watching reruns of reality shows, reading a book all day, or even playing video games – whatever works for you.