14/03/2016 15:43 GMT

Holly Willoughby Cracks Up At ANOTHER Of Gino D'Acampo's Sexual Innuendos On 'This Morning'

Another day, another sexual innuendo on 'This Morning'.

With all the giggling at sexual innuendos that goes on in a typical episode of ‘This Morning’, it’s a wonder anyone manages to get any work done, and Holly Willoughby was at it again in Monday’s show.

During a cooking segment with chef Gino D’Acampo, Holly smirked at the Italian chef’s pronunciation of the word “fork”, and was eventually tipped over the edge when the double entendre got a bit much.

After asking what the Italian word for twirling your spaghetti was, he told her “forchetarre”, which prompted a small titter from the presenter.

Is... is something funny about the word 'forchetarre', Holly? Would you care to share with the class?
Gino did not appear to be in on the joke

But it wasn’t just Gino’s innuendo that raised eyebrows on Monday, as he made the rather bold decision to rock a smoky eye look in the middle of the show.

When asked about his make-up choice by Phil and Holly, explained: “I liked it! I was in the makeup room and thought ‘that’s cool, the smokey eye thing’. Do you think I can wear this all day? People won’t say anything?

“I think I can definitely pull it off.”

Gino sports an interesting new look

Last week, Holly got the giggles once again, when Rylan Clark had a hilarious reaction to finding a moth on his jumper live on air, having nearly been pulled to the ground by the show’s resident guide dog a week earlier, thanks to a prank from her co-host.

'This Morning' airs weekdays on ITV.

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