23/01/2020 17:46 GMT | Updated 23/01/2020 18:05 GMT

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Can't Stop Laughing Over Unfortunately-Named Doctor

The This Morning presenters struggled to keep their composure during the discussion.

Holly Willoughby well and truly lost it during Thursday’s edition of This Morning, after being caught off guard during a segment about the various vaginal treatments promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand.

During the show, Holly and Phillip Schofield interviewed former Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom Parker for a feature titled “Has Gwyneth Gone Too Far”.

Things started off on a serious enough note, with Phillip quoting a medical professional, who has discouraged women from going ahead with a vaginal steaming procedure that Goop has reported on in the past.

The trouble is, it’s a myth, says Dr MacKay, that a vagina needs cleaning,” Phillip told Steph and Dom. “And if you do that [treatment], it can lead to infection, bacterial vaginosis, thrush, inflammation.” 

It was not long before things took a ridiculous turn

Things then descended into chaos when Phillip read out the name of the next medical professional that has criticised Goop-endorsed vaginal treatments.

“Her most vocal critic, Dr Jen Gunter,” he began, to laughs from Holly and his guests. “[She] says the vagina jade eggs that Goop sell are a path to painful pelvic and toxic shock syndrome.”

“Hardly a laughing matter,” he added, while Holly, Steph and Dom continued their giggling.

Apparently Steph found something funny about the name Jan Gunter, but she didn't specify what

However, it wasn’t enough to deter his co-presenter, whose laughs could be heard even as the segment continued.

During their tenure on This Morning, Holly and Phil have become renowned for getting the giggles while live on air, either over rude innuendos or other ridiculous moments.

Holly struggled to keep her composure

Just this month, in a somewhat more family-friendly moment, the pair struggled to keep their laughs in after awarding one guest with an all-expenses-paid trip to Edinburgh… only to discover she already lived there.

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