Phillip Schofield Blames Holly Willoughby For Hungover 'This Morning' Appearance

'I was on the way home and I got a text...'

Phillip Schofield has cast the finger of blame squarely at Holly Willoughby, after the two made a famously hungover appearance on ‘This Morning’ back in February.

As you may recall, the morning after this year’s National Television Awards, Holly and Phil appeared on the ITV daytime show looking noticeably less fresh than usual… and still sporting their clothes from the night before.

<strong>Phil and Holly during their notorious 'This Morning' appearance</strong>
Phil and Holly during their notorious 'This Morning' appearance

During an interview on Wednesday night’s (25 May) ‘Up Late With Rylan’, presenter Rylan Clark-Neal couldn’t resist bringing up the infamous live broadcast, and Phil was keen to point out that it wasn’t his fault.

Speaking about their night on the tiles after the awards, Phillip said: “We proper went for it. It started with a lot of tequila at the awards then I was going to go to home.”

He went on to reveal that it was a devil on his shoulder (whose name may or may not have been Holly), who convinced him to keep partying, continuing: “I was on the way home and I got a text... it was Holly saying, 'don't be that man, don't be that man who goes home, don't be that man who is professional. Come out, come out, come out and play'.”

Of course, even when they’re not hungover, Holly and Phil can often struggle to retain their composure when hosting ‘This Morning’, as evidenced yesterday when they barely controlled their laughter during a segment about vibrators.

Watch Holly and Phil's post-NTAs presenting again below...

‘Up Late With Rylan’ continues tonight (26 May) at 11pm on Channel 5, while ‘This Morning’ airs weekdays on ITV.

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