03/01/2018 15:36 GMT

‘This Morning’: Rylan Clark Leaves Viewers In Tears With #NeverTooLate Surprise For 89-Year-Old WW2 Codebreaker


Rylan Clark-Neal got the year off to a heartwarming start on ‘This Morning’, surprising an 89-year-old former WW2 codebreaker with the news that she would be heading off on her dream holiday.

As part of the show’s ‘Never Too Late’ series, Rylan visited Muriel Dindol, who was just 14 years old when she moved to Bletchley Park to help crack the enigma code.


Muriel was recently diagnosed with acute kidney failure and was under the impression she’d be doing an interview with Rylan.

However, he surprised her with the news that she’d be heading off a vintage stream train trip around the UK. 

“I want to do it before the end,” she replied. “I don’t believe it. I want to give you a cuddle.”


After a VT showing Muriel and her daughter Diane on their steam train, pretty much everyone watching swiftly burst into tears:

Rylan also tweeted his joy at making the surprise happen:

This was the final part of the show’s ‘Never Too Late’ segment and other surprises have included helping one 61-year-old finally get the chance to live out her dreams of being a singer

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