This Perfect Poached Egg Recipe Doesn't Even Require A Pan


I love poached eggs but I have to say, I find the drama of cooking them a bit much. Boil to a certain point, make a whirlpool. To add vinegar or not add vinegar? Who knows! I’m no chef!

However, it turns out that there’s a way to make poached eggs that somehow doesn’t involve a lot of water or, erm, a pan. I know. Of course, like a lot of things, everybody will have their preferences on how it’s prepared but I’ll take this simple hack, anytime.

It was posted on TikTok by @danarebeccadesigns and it’s actually their mum’s recipe that she found on the app because, of course, who isn’t getting all of their recipes from TikTok these days?

The easiest way to make poached eggs

The creator’s mum reveals that she recently discovered this method and it’s actually really simple. All you need is one egg, a microwave-proof bowl or jug and, of course, a microwave.

All you do is break an egg into a small bowl, add water directly from the tap — just enough to cover the yolk — and then put it in the microwave.

She does say that finding the right timing can be a case of trial and error, finding the right spot between 36 and 45 seconds, but for her, it’s just 44 seconds.

Once the microwave has finished, you simply scoop the bowl out with a spoon and place onto a plate and voila! You have a poached egg that requires almost no effort.

Additionally, according to Healthline, eggs are great for the body and brain regardless of how they’re cooked but poached and boiled eggs are the healthiest ways to prepare eggs!

Less than 2 minutes for a healthy snack that tastes amazing? Sold.