Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating On You With This 'Smart' Mattress

This Infidelity Tracking 'Smart' Mattress Is Just The Worst Thing

"If your partner isn't faithful, at least your mattress is"

That's the slogan for Durmet's experimental 'Smarttress' which claims to be a 'smart' mattress specifically designed for catching out cheating partners.

Designed as a reaction to an 'infidelity crisis' that is reportedly sweeping Spain, Durmet worked together with an ad agency to create a sensor-laden mattress that can alert the owner via smartphone when it's being...used.

Questionable as an idea and downright ludicrous as a real product the 'Smarttress' actually measures an alarming amount from pressure to the speed of movement that's going on.

Using ultrasonic pressure pads built directly into the mattress the 'Lover Detection System' then uses WiFi to communicate directly to your phone.

Overlooking the fact that this quite spectacularly infringes on your partner's privacy one wonders if there might be a better way of resolving a person's concerns, perhaps through human conversation?


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