This 'Smart Skin' Can Monitor Your Health Or Even Control Your Home

It's the world's fastest, stretchable, wearable circuit.

Scientists at University of Wisconsin-Madison have created the world's fastest stretchable, wearable circuit that could become the foundation for the next generation of wearable gadgets.

This 'smart skin' could do everything from monitor your vitals, control your music, track your runs or even let you control your own home - all wirelessly.

Yei Hwan Jung and Juhwan Lee/University of Wisconsin-Madison

The team were able to make the breakthrough by structuring the circuits in a very particular way.

Each circuit essentially contains two twisted-pair transmission lines which are then repeated in S-curves.

This S-shape not only allows the circuits to stretch without breaking but then also shields them from outside interference.

While the main application for this technology will be in hospitals the hope is that in the future ultra-small wearable electronics can better integrate us into the gadgets around us.

By having wireless functionality built in as standard you could theoretically buy a 'sticker' which would then adhere to the skin and wirelessly connect to the gadgets in your home.

George Frey / Reuters

Imagine being able to change the lights just by tapping a button on your arm, or changing the volume on the TV through a single gesture.

Of course that may be some distance away but with Google already working on an operating system for the 'Internet of Things' it's not as far off as you might think.