05/06/2018 17:28 BST | Updated 06/06/2018 08:46 BST

This Student And Her Yorkshire Parrot Deserve A Comedy Sketch


A 17-year-old from Sheffield has had the internet in stitches with a viral Twitter thread starring her eight-year-old parrot Barney who happens to boast an incredible Northern accent.

Katie Bullimore bought Barney in February 2010 after watching viral videos of parrots with her brother. “We were fascinated by the idea,” she says. “Which made us want to get one - [we were] hoping for a strong speaker.” And boy did her wish come true.

Katie Bullimore
Barney the parrot and his owner Katie. 

On 2 June the student began sharing a series of videos on Twitter which starred Barney saying various phrases or doing hilarious random acts. In one of them he can be seen biting himself and then saying: “No, no. Stop it.”

Bullimore says one of her favourite things about Barney is that when she goes downstairs in the morning he greets her with a very Northern-sounding, “you alright love?”

“Another funny thing he does is when he poos he says ‘smelly bum’ or ‘dirty bugger’,” Bullimore adds. “He also likes to roll around on the floor with a bowl.”

Somebody get these guys a slot on the telly. (In the meantime, check out some corkers below.)

Katie Bullimore
Barney the parrot.