16/10/2018 10:21 BST | Updated 16/10/2018 13:43 BST

This Toddler Stealing His Mum's Wine Is The Ultimate Test Of Parenting Skills


Ever feel like some days really test your parenting skills? One mum from Leeds faced the ultimate challenge - saving your glass of wine from a fast-moving toddler who likes to grab literally everything.

Giselle Green was filming her son Sam adorably walking around the living room before he swiftly approaches the sofa where she is sitting and, before she has a chance to intervene, proceeds to throw a glass of red wine over himself.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Green said: “Some days I question my parental skills...other days...”

But before you get too worried about the wine-drenched toddler, Green followed the video with another clip of her son Sammy, saying: “Don’t worry. No Sammy was hurt in the making of this video.”

She even created her own hashtag #redwinesammy. 

And if (like us) your primary concern was the cream carpet, the mother replied to one comment jokingly saying that Sam’s face had managed to largely shield it (but she was thinking of investing in a new one anyway).

Mum, we salute your work.