'Tunacado' Is TikTok's Latest Food Obsession And It's Suitably...Boring?

It's... a sandwich?
Dougal Waters via Getty Images

Over the course of 2022 we’ve had the likes of whipped coffee, feta pasta, crispy potatoes and corn ribs blow up on TikTok, with many of us recreating the recipes for ourselves at home.

But, in what could be the final big viral TikTok recipe of 2022, it would seem that tuna sandwiches are now having a moment.

Specifically, a tuna and avocado sandwich from Danish coffee shop chain Joe and the Juice.

The ‘Tunacado’ sandwich consists of bread, pesto, tomatoes, tuna and avocado and the hashtag has a whopping 12 million views.

So how the hell did this become a ‘thing’?


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Well, the Tunacado’s sudden surge in popularity is down to a TikTok foodie with a massive following.

Danielle Matzon, who goes by @dzaslavsky, shared a video of her favourite lunch from Joe and the Juice - yup, you got it, the tunacado.

Describing the tuna on the sandwich as a ‘tuna mousse’ (shudders aggressively), Danielle told her followers that she likes to ‘pimp’ her sandwich from the chain by adding hot sauce and mustard to it at home.

The tuna mousse is just ‘pulsated’ tuna as Danielle explains in her video (she asked for extra on her sandwich).

One person commented: “The past three weeks I’ve eaten a tunacado for lunch everyday when I am in the city for work, I’m OBSESSED.”

Now, thousands of other TikTok users have recreated Danielle’s hack at home and shared their own versions, with home chefs hopping on the trend to show others how to make it for themselves on the cheap without a visit to a coffee shop.

Spoiler: you’re gonna want to blast your tuna in a food processor to make it ‘mousse-y’ and the thinner the bread, the better.

The sandwich has become so popular that Joe and the Juice now have a ‘spicy’ version of it in their stores, with added jalapenos and tabasco to give it a kick.

You can check it out for yourself here.