07/01/2018 08:16 GMT

Tina Malone Claims Cocaine Was Planted In Her Bag After ‘Shameless’ Star Is Arrested And Sacked From Panto Role

'It was a set-up'.

Tina Malone has claimed she was set up after she was arrested for possessing cocaine while starring in a pantomime.

The ‘Shameless’ star admitted to having the Class A drug following her arrest, which also led to her being sacked from the production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in Barrow-in-Furness.

The 54-year-old actress has now spoken out about the incident, and claimed she only admitted having the drug for the sake of her four-year-old daughter, Flame.

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She told The Sunday Mirror: “I swear on my daughter’s life I’d never take drugs in front of children or while performing.

“I told police it was a set-up but I took the caution because of Flame. She’d only just watched me on stage.

“I walked off, kissed her, and was just about to get into a taxi with her when the police came.

“My husband Paul took her to the hotel to wait for me. To be honest, I’d have admitted to being Jack the Ripper right there and then to get back to her.”

Tina, who was playing the fairy godmother, added: “If I’d have done this, I’d hold up my hand and admit it. But I didn’t. I was set up.

“I’ve always been honest about my ­addictions. I wrote I had college days ­smoking pot, I’d done ecstasy, I messed about with cocaine, but that my drug of choice would always have been alcohol.”

According to the star, police found “less than a line” of the drug in her purse and added that she found it suspicious that the story broke before she had been released from the police station.

She also denies reports that she swore in front of children or acted like a diva.

At the time a spokesperson for Cumbria police confirmed they were tipped off the actress may be in possession of cocaine.

Cumbria Police said: “Police were called at 8:21pm, yesterday (22nd December), to the report of a female being in possession of an illegal substance.

“The incident occurred on Dalkeith Street, Barrow. A 54-year-old woman, from Merseyside, was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a class A drug.

“The woman was detained whilst she helped police with their enquiries. She was later cautioned for the offence.”

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