9 GIFs That Will Get You A Response On Tinder


Having trouble on Tinder? Step aside and let these GIFs set you up.

According to a survey released by the dating app, these are the top GIFs giving users a high response rate.

More than 20 million are used worldwide by those looking for love on the app.

However, if you find yourself being unlucky in swipes you're more likely to receive a message from a match, if you send them one of the following:

1. Jimmy Fallon sliding in with a "haaaaay"

2. That wave from Saved by the Bell's Kelly Kapowski

3. Pizza because who says no pizza?

4. And if they refuse pizza, then Bey will back you up

5. Of course, there's Joey who'll make your Christmas snnooowwwy

6. Emma Stone being awesome

7. Yup, the glasses are a good shout

8. The bear

9. Um, candy floss?

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