Tinder User Sends Woman He Matched With 100 Days Of Panda Facts

'Some may say it was panda-monium.'

One Tinder user has given us all a lesson in creative online dating, by sharing the messages he sent to one extremely patient woman

The man, known only as Imgur user msang1232, sent the woman a fact about pandas every day for 100 days.

"I matched with this girl at Christmas and then I messed up by spelling 'Christmas' wrong. I didn't know what to do, so I panicked. I did what any sensible person would do... I sent her a panda fact," he explained.

Much to the man's surprise, the woman responded to his panda fact warmly so he decided to send more...

And more...

And more...

He set an alarm on his phone so he wouldn't forget to send the messages every day, but he said it was "her constant replies that motivated [him] to keep going".

"I couldn't let her down," he added.

It got to the stage where the man's friends would ask him: "How's the Panda Girl?"

But for some mind-boggling reason, he decided not to meet up with the woman, despite her ever-encouraging messages.

After 100 days, he told her: "This has been your 100 days of panda facts. Some may say it was panda-monium. It's been a good run. I wish you a fun, panda-filled life. Peace out panda scout."

Read their entire conversation (and become a panda expert) on Imgur.