People Reveal Their Secrets For Mind-Blowing Sex

Just in time for the weekend 🍆

People are sharing their top tips for amazing sex on Reddit - and it’s clear to see that slow sex, gentle foreplay and kissing in sensitive places come out on top.

From the “world-changing” sensory effects of blindfolds to why the “in-and-out” fingering technique just won’t do, here’s what the internet agrees you need to do for a better time between the sheets.

Jonathan Knowles via Getty Images

1. Use A Blindfold

“Especially if your partner is good at teasing, blindfolds are a world changing experience during sex and foreplay.” - Thedankbank1021

2. Suck Their Finger

“An ex grabbed my finger halfway through just regular missionary and shoved it in her mouth and sucked. Don’t know why but it blew my mind and she had no idea why she did it, she just felt in the heat of the moment.” - Be_your_best96

3. Kiss Their Neck

“They can be huge erogenous zones, and often completely ignored. Maybe it’s because I’m Romanian (yeah yeah vampires) but necks are one of my favourite areas on a woman.” - EllisHughTiger

4. Take It Slow

“Masturbation, oral, intercourse, anal, and any other sex you can think of. Do it slow and the feeling of that slow build orgasm is amazing.” - DannyTrejoChestTatoo

5. Use Lube

“There a lot of people who don’t know the simple pleasure of using lube.” - BZerpy

6. Be Gentle

“When rubbing a female’s clit, a slight pressure is preferred, but please for the love of God do not jack hammer the shit out of our pleasure pearl. We females are sensitive, and I believe I speak for most when I say that too much pressure is painful and quickly turns us off or makes us too sensitive to continue.” - Phirrups

7. ‘In-And-Out’ Won’t Do

“I don’t know why, but most guys I have ever been with always resort to this simplistic ‘in-and-out’ motion whenever fingering. This simply will not do for a good majority of females.

“The inside of the vaginal wall is packed with sensory nerves, and we get much more stimulation with more ground covered. What I have found to be most responsive is sliding in with your fingers, but curling them upwards as you reach the base of your fingers.” - Phirrups

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Anal Foreplay

“Men in general have this fear of anal play but prostate orgasms are fantastic.” - Zimmonda

9. Kiss Their Back

“There’s this spot on your back, right between your shoulder blades, around the 5th vertebra. Kiss there. No tongue, not too wet. Try to make sure only your lips are touching his/her naked body, not your nose or chin or hands or strands of hair anywhere. And do it slow. Let the other one feel your presence, your body heat, and as you move closer your breath, before you place the kiss.

“Somehow it’s a very sensual place to be kissed, same goes for inside of your elbows, wrists, kneepits, armpits. Wrists are also a good place for slightly wetter kisses.” - Xxmimii

10. Use A Pillow

“Pillow under her hips for missionary. The angle all around is much better.” -Kowzorz

11. Switch Things Up During Oral

“When giving a girl oral, you don’t just have to lick that shit up and down. Most of the pleasure from having sex is not being in control. Make it spontaneous, do ups and downs, switch to swirls, etc. The only time I suggest not doing this is whenever she is getting close to orgasming because then you should stick to a steady, rhythmic motion of whatever it was that was causing her to respond.” - Phirrups

12. Don’t Always Set Out To Make Women Orgasm

“I’d say one really important thing for us men to remember is that not all women are desperate for an orgasm each time they have intercourse. It can be real hard to process for us because for most of us this final release is the whole point of the act. But for a lot of women, just having sex without a final orgasm can be satisfactory, as mind-blowing as this is to the average dude.

“Bottom line is: if she doesn’t cum - and doesn’t seem frustrated about it, DON’T PANIC. A woman who hasn’t had an orgasm but wants one WILL TELL YOU, perhaps even yell on you to make her come.

“If so, do it. But if she hasn’t and seems fine, don’t take it personally and don’t make this into an ordeal.” - AnthropomorphicPenis

13. Lick The Edge Of Their Ear

“Tongue around the edge of someone’s ear to where they can just hear the sound of your tongue moving in your mouth, then get as close as you can and breath warm air light onto and into their ear.

“It will immediately send a good shiver from their neck down their spin to their toes.” - Ronerychiver