These Hoodies For Couples Will Make You Want To Be Sick

Together Wear bring you the 'hugging hoodie'.

A new Kickstarter project is aiming to take PDAs to the next level with a range of hoodies designed for snuggling.

Together Wear has invented hoodies with special back pockets you can place your hands in - should you need to hug your partner and simultaneously keep your hands warm at the same time.

Together Wear

The brand claim their invention will provide people with a "daily doze of cosiness and love," and are looking to raise $30,000 (£20,500) to mass produce the hoodies.

Anyone who contributes $69 (£47) can get their hands on one.

Together Wear

So what is the benefit aside from keeping your hands warm? (Gloves do exist y'know.)

Apparently tucking your hands into your loved ones' soft fleecy pockets is a "strong reminder of your feelings, happiness and dreams."

Together Wear

Please make it stop.