Genius Invention Means 3am Pee Puddles On The Floor Will Be A Thing Of The Past

'It saves relationships, so worth spending a penny on.'

Stop everything. Because your midnight toilet break just got a whole lot easier.

We all know guys can have a tendency to miss the toilet bowl while peeing in the dark.

If it's mopped up afterwards, it's fine. But if it isn't (which happens 99% of the time) and you tread in it, it becomes infuriating and gross all rolled into one.

And that's why we're super pleased to announce the end to all of our toilet-induced nightmares...


The Illumibowl from Firebox lights up your lavatory so guys know exactly where to aim.

The gadget is clipped onto the toilet bowl and its sensor picks up motion - AKA a zombie-like body staggering towards it - in the night.

According to Firebox, features include:

  • Motion activated toilet night light
  • Fits any toilet
  • Gives your toilet a sprinkle of colour
  • Wee like you're Tron - with 9 colour options!
  • Saves relationships, so worth spending a penny on.

Now this is a gadget we can totally get behind.