Inside Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black's Surprise Baby Shower

The pair celebrated in style on Saturday with gold baby shower accessories.

Diver Tom Daley, 23, and filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, 43, celebrated the impending arrival of their newest family member with a surprise baby shower this weekend.

The couple, who are expecting a child via surrogate, shared photos of themselves donning gold novelty ‘Oh baby’ glasses and ‘Daddy to be’ sashes.

In typical baby shower fashion there were plenty of balloons, banners and a buffet table piled high with cakes, scones, sandwiches and crisps. (You can find the banners and plates they used here.) They also drank from plastic baby bottles with gold straws.

Daley took to Twitter on Sunday to share snaps of their celebration and wrote: “What a day yesterday!” The diver has much to celebrate, as he recently won gold in the 10m synchronised dive at the Commonwealth Games.

He and Dustin Lance Black announced they were having a child together on Valentine’s Day this year (14 February) when they shared photos holding an ultrasound scan. In March, they revealed that they’d chosen surrogacy - which involves natural or artificial insemination of a surrogate mother - to build their family.

“We’ve never been so sure about anything in our whole entire lives,” Daley said at the time.

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Opening up about the relationship with their surrogate, the couple said they love her and feel incredibly grateful. After their son is born, they intend to ensure she is still involved in their son’s life as he grows up.

“We’ve always said we’d be very open and honest with our child,” said Daley. “I’ve been writing down a diary of every single step that we’ve gone through so we can explain it to our child.”

One question the couple have been frustrated about being asked is who the biological father of their baby is. The couple are “adamant” about not knowing, or ever wanting to know, because they are both the child’s parents.

Daley added: “We’ll do our absolute best to try and raise our child the way our parents raised us. To be surrounded by love is the most important thing.”

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